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Elsol - Solar Energy Systems Ltd.
Elsol is a solar company specializing in the design and marketing of solar thermal systems, cogeneration and energy saving products.

The company was founded by Eli Shilton, former managing director of Rand Energy Systems and the chairman of the Israeli Solar Thermal Manufacturers Association (ISOL).

We at Elsol are committed to the following values:

*  Innovation, creativity and originality in our products
*  Protecting the environment for ourselves and our children
*  Excellency in quality and service

Dedicated to Quality
Elsol's expert team shares many years of experience in designing, producing, installing and servicing solar hot water systems. These systems range from simple mono-block thermosyphone systems through multi-family solar systems up to large solar collector fields supplying hot water to swimming pools, hotels, industrial plants, and hospitals.

Elsol is proud to export Rand Solar Energy products. Rand Solar Energy, founded in 1947, is highly renowned in the solar industry for its technological innovations, outstanding quality, and competitive prices which placed it in the forefront of its field. Rand solar systems are being used in thousands of facilities from individual apartments to large central heating systems.

The skill and expertise of the Elsol team, backed by the experience and high production capabilities of Rand, is expressed daily by the changing requirements in the field of global solar energy. Our customers in Europe, south east Asia and central and south America share it with us.

We welcome you to our site and suggest you look at our products and projects. We will gladly answer your comments and questions which you can send to export@elsol.co.il

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Supporter of green energy
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